Tuesday 10 April 2012

Wibble Wobble

The problem with letting your 3 year old watch Playschool is that they will, of course, want to do, make, cook etc everything they see.

Todays pleading look with begging at 2 minute intervals was for blue jelly. So blue jelly we did.

I have never seen a blueberry this colour mind you! I am drawn to it though, in a disco, lurexy, Amii Stewart kind of way. However, i'm sure this particular shade of blue does not exist in nature.

Anyway, back to the action. The next inevitable whinge that goes hand in hand with jelly making is "But i want it now". The concept of 4hrs in the fridge is not relevant when you're 3. "OK, 1 2 3 4, now can i have some?" "No, that was 4 seconds not 4 hours, it will be ready in the afternoon."

So the joy of jelly making goes out the window and i wonder why i bothered, until the next time i give in of course.


  1. They should rename that Jelly Lurexy Amii Stewart Blue!
    Esther loves it

  2. Apparently when I got out of surgery I demanded jelly and kept on demanding it. My concept of time was about the same as your daughters! But the novelty didn't wear off for me :P And no blue, I wanted GREEN!