Thursday 14 June 2012

A month of make and loss

Been busy making stuff, celebrating birthdays and (sadly) mourning the loss of my best friends mum. It is hard to believe that there could be a disease out there more debilitating and horrific than cancer, but there is, its called amyloidosis and that is what took the life of my best friends mum. I suppose you could describe it as every deadly disease wrapped into one, as it destroys every organ of the body over a relatively short period of time. Now, I'm sure she is happily watching over my beautiful buddy and her family.

Birthday number 4 was a huge success and a wild time was had by all, especially the birthday girl! With bubble blowing, hat making, mini golf, balloon whacking and feast eating. It was a beautiful day weather wise and i was glad of the rest when it was over.


I crafted a couple of the gifts, a bag of letters and some bunting for her room. Of course she wore here lovely skirt and top that i made earlier in the month, which you can see here.

I've also been dabbling in a 'crochet along' afghan sampler with wise craft. Come and join in on the crochet fun. There is something about the start of the cold weather that just makes you want to snuggle in and pick up a hook and yarn. This is my pile so far.

As the cold weather has continued and the heater is on, I couldn't stop crocheting and knitting once i was up to date with my afghan squares, so i have also been whipping up a few course woollen pot scourers and a soft bamboo fibre face cloth with some left over yarn.

So now what? Back to an almost complete project that i started about a month ago.

It is a freestyle crochet art piece, loosely based on a paper cut by London based artist Rob Ryan. When i first saw this paper cut it was at a distance on a mantle and i thought it was made of fibre. So when i discovered it was paper, i thought, well, why not crochet it anyway. We'll see what happens.

This Sunday is our next 'brown owls' meeting and i am working on a name badge for Megan over at silver threads of happiness. We are all doing name badges for each other, as the group is growing rapidly and it can be hard to remember every ones name. Especially when you have a memory like mine!