Wednesday 21 March 2012

Where did the last 60 years go?

I got my hair cut last week.
I do it every year or two, going from long to short, a major change.
This time it's a very short concave bob. A bit 80's esque. And i love it, it's very me.

But yesterday i was catapulted back about 60 years.
I don't expect everybody, or anybody in fact, to love it like i do. (even though it is a bit fab). But in my 40's i didn't expect one comment to slap me square in my feminist face.

"What does your husband think? I bet he prefers it long. My husband would divorce me if i cut my hair short. Don't get me wrong, i think it's nice."

"Who gives a shit what my husband thinks." (and your husband should divorce you for using his brain instead of your own in conversations he is not involved in.)

I said the first part, not the second to her.

Then all of a sudden i found myself wondering whether it was her or me that had been living in a cave my entire life. Is she oblivious to the equality of the sexes and freedom of expression or am i blind to the struggle to keep these issues relevant.

Maybe it isn't a question of feminism, maybe it is just me.
I have always just done what i want, when i want, when it comes to the way i express myself. I don't feel a need to consult with anyone else on that front, and i encourage others to do the same.

Isn't that what so many have struggled for, for so many years. So that i don't have to worry/think about that. So that being myself is a given.

Maybe it's time i stopped sitting back and enjoying the achievements of my bra burning sisters and get back in the fight, because this week i learned that it is far from over.

Friday 9 March 2012

Make me smile

I just love it when i get my Craftzine email, it is always full of the wild and the wonderful from all over the world. It's like going to the international art gallery in the sky. It always makes me smile.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Words and Pictures : Warm

Pip over at meet me at mikes has a meme going on, and the theme of the meme (that is the meme's theme) is "warm". But enough silly behaviour, this is serious!

According to The free dictionary, warm is defined as, "having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat". So it's official, i am not warm, i am bloody hot!!! I am sure there will be a few Perth based bloggers who will have a slightly different take on this theme. It is difficult for us to say the word 'warm' at the moment and not jump to replace it with, 'hot, stinking hot, melting, surface of the sun' or something similar. Starting today we have yet another run of 38, 39, 38 etc etc degrees. We are now in our 4th month of 'crazy heat' summer, and my 3 year old wants to know, "when it will snow here like on Charlie and Lola".

Whenever my politically incorrect father used to see Japanese tourists in Perth during the summer, he always used to joke and say they were, "taking photos of the heat". So here is my photo of the heat!

Chin up people of Perth, it's nearly over for another year!