Tuesday 28 February 2012

Things to do while watching TV...

I don't mind a bit of crochet every now and again. Not necessarily to produce cute 'stuff', more for relaxation. I also have this 'thing' that i can't just solely sit and watch TV, i have to do something else at the same time (i wonder what that means?). It can be reading, writing, cooking, work, and crochet fits nicely into that catagory. Here is my most recent completed work,

a grey, organic bamboo/cotton shawly poncho whatsit.

I've also added a recycled brooch to it. It just needed 'something', and i had some little dolls from a childs broken necklace, so i popped them onto an old brooch back with a couple of old sleepers (the kind you put in your ears).

Now i just have to wait for the weather to let me wear it. In Perth that will probably be sometime around mid August!

Saturday 25 February 2012

"Well, i know it is not a great philosophy but ..."

My life has been riddled with guilt and propelled by whimsy.
My freedom to be creative is constantly tempered by a fear of failure and an unrealistic desire for perfection.
I feel our lives are kept in check this way, with a balance of experiences in opposition,
black and white
night and day
love and hate
and one cannot exist without the other.