Saturday 21 April 2012


My aunt had breast cancer.
She was sick for a very long time,  and never complained, even when you could see the pain on her face.
She fought hard, even when she probably didn't want to.
She was tired and sick of being sick, but she kept on going for one reason or another.
Then suddenly she decided enough was enough, and when she made that decision, she was gone within a week.

She was very beautiful and very small.
Only 5ft tall with size 5 feet.
She had a wicked sense of humour and was wonderfully open minded and non-judgemental.
She loved her family and did everything she could for them.
She was the first one there for us when my father (her brother) died suddenly.
Her first thoughts were never for herself.
Her presence in life was quiet and strong, and is still felt now even though her body is gone.

I love you